Garbage and Recycling

Garbage is picked up on Thursday and Recycling Items are collected every other Thursday. Calendars are available at Village Hall.

Garbage or Recycling Containers left at the end of driveways, on curbs or in the street for extended periods of time could result in the containers being picked up and taken to the Public Works Garage. Residents will need to pay a fine to the Village in order to be given your trash container. Please remove carts from the curb as soon as possible after the refuse is collected. Thank you.

The Village of Dane contracts with Advanced Disposal for curbside pick up of trash and recyclables. Trash is picked up every Thursday, recyclables every other Thursday. If a holiday falls on a day before trash collection day, trash pick up will be Friday. Please note that Advanced Disposal may start as early as 7 am collecting. Please place the carts at the end of your driveway and not in the street. Point the carts so the lid opening is facing the curb away from your house. Give the carts space. Please allow four feet between carts and other objects and ten feet from cars parked on the street.

Please remember to separate your recyclables from your garbage failure to do so may result in your trash being left at the curb.

With single-stream recycling you do not have to sort your recyclables. You can mix everything together. The following materials go into the recycling cart:

  • Cardboard and mixed paper including newspaper, phone books, beverage cases, cereal boxes, computer and copy paper, junk mail, magazines, file folders and steel/tin can labels.
  • Plastics numbered 1-5 and 7 (rinsed clean) including 5-gallon pails (wire handles removed). No food take out containers.
  • Glass (rinsed clean), bottles and jars. No lids or window glass.
  • Alumium, steel, and tin cans (labels removed and rinsed clean).

Due to changes in the law, the village can no longer pick up refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners or any other appliances that use Freon. Please keep this in mind when buying new appliances. Contact Veoliat at 251-7878 for pick up of these appliances for a fee.

Please note that if you have additional bags that do not fit in your container please contact the Village of Dane to purchase tags to place on the extra bags. Advanced Disposal will not pick up garbage that does not fit in the container unless it has been paid for.

Please contact Advanced Disposal for the pick up of large items 251-7878.

The Dane Dandy Doers 4-H Club has a container for aluminum cans at the Town of Dane garage located at 213 W Main St.

Holidays that effect trash and recycling pick up include New Year Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If the week contains one of these holidays, expect the trash pick up day to change. Please review your calendar carefully and abide by the pick up days reflected on the calendar.

Freaquently Asked Questions

Why can’t trash containers be placed in the street?

Please remember that trash and recycle containers must be placed behind the curb. Placement anywhere else is prohibited by Village ordinance. If your containers are in the street and get damaged from the snow plow, it will not be the responsibility of the Village to replace your containers.

How do I dispose of … ?

Dane County Clean Sweep has a comprehensive listing of where households, businesses and agriculture can take items which can’t be recycled or thrown in the trash. Click here for their website.

What do I do with large items which don’t fit in my trash cart?
Please call Advanced Disposal at 251-7878. A fee may apply.
The wheels fell off my cart, who do I call?

Please call Advanced Disposal at 251-7878 and they will fix your cart.