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Special Partisan Primary Election August 14, 2018

Polls will open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.  This is a Parisan Primary for the Fall General Election.  The Village of Dane will have a fall election in November, 2018.  At this Primary you choose your party preference and vote within that party.  You can not cross party lines. If you do the ballot will be rejected and your vote will not count.

You must be registered as a resident in the village of Dane to vote.  If you moved to Dane and have lived here for at least 10 days, you may register to vote.  If you have not registered yet, you can register and vote on Eleciton Day.  Please bring your Wisconsin Driver License, your  rental lease, a paycheck stub, or utility bill with your name and current address to prove your place of residence.  Registering takes only a few minutes and once you are registered you remain so, unless you move or change your name.

Get out to vote and make a difference!