Frequently Asked Questions

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The Village of Dane Public Works Department shall collect limbs and branches from private properties on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in April of each year and concluding in November of each year. If weather or workload so directs, the actual date of pick up may be later than the second Tuesday of each month.

Limbs and Branches shall be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the date of collection. Once collection on a street or in a neighborhood has been completed, the Public Works Department will not return to that area until the next scheduled collection date.

The following items are acceptable for pick up:
Limbs and branches must be stacked neatly, piled no more than four feet high, with cut ends facing the street. Limb and branch piles should not affect motorist visibility and should be placed in an open unobstructed area.

Limbs and branches are to be cut into segments no more than four feet in length. Limbs and branches four inches or more in diameter shall be trimmed of all smaller branches.

Limbs and branches less than one inch in diameter shall be tied together in bundles not exceeding 30 lbs. by using compostable string or twine.

The following materials are not acceptable for pick up. Piles containing unacceptable items will not be collected:
Dog droppings or animal waste of any kind.
Root balls and brush mixed with soil or yard waste.
Vines, leaf piles, shrubs, or rocks.
Processed wood, boards, trash, plastic edging.
Brush or any material placed in bags, boxes, or trash containers.
Limbs or branches with wire, tape or any inorganic materials attached.

Limbs or branches that are determined to have been cut or trimmed by contractors.

Piles greater than four feet high, bundles in excess of 30 lbs., or branches greater than eight inches in diameter not cut into four-foot sections.
All limbs and branches shall be collected free of charge on the second day of each month, April through November, and evergreen trees will be collect free of charge in January only. Any limbs and branches collected outside the set schedule will be for the fee as set forth in Chapter A150, Fees. All limbs and branches placed for collection shall become the property of the Village or its collection agent.