Garbage and Recycling

Pellitteri Waste Systems is the new Village of Dane trash and recycling hauler.

Garbage is picked up every Thursday and Recycling is collected every other Thursday.

The Dane Dandy Doers 4-H Club has a container for aluminum cans at the Town of Dane Garage, 213 W Main Street, Dane.

Holidays that effect trash and recycling pick up include New Year Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If the week contains one of these holidays, expect the trash pick up day to change. Please review your calendar carefully and abide by the pick up days reflected on the calendar. Calendars are sent in the tax bill, the utility bill, and always availabe at the Village Clerk’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard cart size for the Village of Dane is a 95-gallon trash cart (brown) and a 95-gallon recycling cart (blue). There may be an additional exchange fee required to change your cart size(s). For information on changing cart sizes please call us at (608) 257-4285.

The normally scheduled service day for the Village of Dane is on Thursdays. Trash is collected every week and recyclables are collected every other week. Residents must have their carts put out by 7:00 am. Pick-up times may vary from week to week. Trash and recycling carts are serviced at separate times during the day. Recycling carts put out on a non-recycling collection week will not be picked up.

Carts should be placed at the end of your driveway and be within two feet of the street or curb area. The carts should be placed on level ground, and should be at least four feet from any obstacle such as utility poles, mailboxes, trees, and parked cars. The handles of the carts should face your house so that the lids open properly when being dumped. Carts cannot be collected if they are improperly placed. In the winter, you may need to shovel out areas for your carts just like you do for mail delivery. Please do not place carts in the street.

Only household trash can be put in your trash cart. Do not place any recyclables, brush/leaves, construction materials, demolition, electronics or hazardous materials in your cart.

Please click on “Recycle Info” for a list of acceptable recyclables.

If it is a small amount of extra trash, you may want to consider waiting until the following week to have it picked up in your cart. If you have extra bags of trash outside of your cart, we will pick them up for a pre-paid nominal fee. Please call us at (608) 257-4285 for more information on extra bag pickup charges and/or a larger cart (cart upgrade).

If it is a small amount of extra recycling, you may want to consider waiting until the following scheduled recycling week to have it picked up in your cart. If you have extra bags of recycling outside of your cart, we will pick them up for a pre-paid nominal fee as long as it is placed in a clear, plastic bag (32-gallons or less and no more than 50lbs) and set next to your recycling cart on your recycling week. Extra cardboard should be flattened and placed in clear plastics bags as well. Do not tie or bundle cardboard. Please call us at (608) 257-4285 for more information on extra bag pickup charges and/or a larger cart (cart upgrade).

Additional carts are available for an annual fee of $99.00 each. Please contact us for scheduling.

The automated collection program is not intended to provide this type of service. Please call us at (608) 257-4285 for a phone quotation for one of our temporary dumpsters. We offer 6, 12, 20 and 30 cubic yard containers to meet your needs. We recommend calling us prior to the start of your cleanout to set things up.

There is a fee per item for bulky items such as stoves, refrigerators (with doors removed), hot-water tanks, furniture and other large household items. Please contact us with details of the quantity and type of item(s). We are happy to provide you with the bulky item disposal cost and instructions for disposal, as well as alternative disposal options if available.

No. The carts are not to be taken from the existing household. They stay at the property for the next residents.

Please call us at (608) 257-4285. The carts are the property of Pellitteri Waste Systems. We will take care of any normal wear and tear or damage done by our trucks. There is a fee to the resident if the cart is damaged or stolen while in their custody.

The automated cart dumping process lifts the cart upside down and stops with a slight jolt. If the material is wedged tightly in the cart the material may not come out. Please put heavier items in the bottom of the cart and do not compact the materials. If you have any additional questions please call us at (608) 257-4285.

Many factors can contribute to whether carts remain upright after being emptied. The automated system uses hydraulic arms to pick up the cart and dump it into the truck which are controlled by a joystick from inside the truck. The carts tend to be top-heavy once empty, especially 35 gallon carts and 65 gallon carts. Depending on how flat the surface of where the cart has been set, as well the size of the cart, how heavy the contents of the cart were, moisture on the outside of the cart, and the amount of wind, it can be very difficult to set the carts down without them tipping over. Due to safety concerns for both residents and the drivers, the drivers are not able to get out of their trucks to set cart back upright at every home. There are many benefits to the automated system, especially for safety and cost savings to residents. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the automated system.