Fire Station Open House


When you are out trick or treating on Halloween be sure to stop at the Dane Fire Station.  There will be food, drinks, and treats from 5-7PM!   Enjoy a visit with a fire “man” or fire “lady”, see the equipment which includes a brand-new fire truck, and enjoy the evening!


Warning from Sheriff’s Office

This is a reminder for people to do the following:

1.  Lock all entry doors into houses and garages.

2.  Lock all vehicles whether they are parking in the garage or outside.

3.  Do NOT leave keys in a car ever.

4.  Do not leave anything of value in plain sight in a vehicle.

5.  Do not leave keys inside entry ways to homes.


Last year many of these thefts were occuring in the Town of Middleton Area.  Nicer Luxury vehicles have veen a taget of these thieves.  Probably over 90% of these car thefts would be prevented by property owners locking their homes and vehicles. Not trying to victim shame, but many of these crimes are preventable, no one is immune from it so make sure you take precautions.

Slow Down Signs Available

We have some “Slow Down Watch for Kids” signs available in the Village Clerk’s office.

Chicken Ordinance

The Village Board approved an ordinance for the keeping of chickens within the village.  Application forms will be available very soon!  Click HERE to view the Ordinance.