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Village Email List Update

If you are new to the village and want to receive email notifications from the Clerk’s Office, please send your email address to [email protected]  and ask to be placed on the Email List. 

We promise not to overwhelm you with emails and information, or to sell your email address to anyone.

Notices are sent out on things that affect daily life in the village.  Changes in the trash, and recycling pickup schedule, special events, the book mobile, water outages, or branch/limb pick.  The emails will always be important information that village residents would like to know to make life easier.

If you have been receiving email notices from the clerk’s office and you are no longer getting them, that means your email address changed and we did not get the update.  Since the beginnng of the year, many emails have been returned as undeliverable and these email addresses were removed from our list. Send an email and let us know your current email address and we will get you back on the list. 

Thank you.